One-on-One LOVE


you are beautiful, unique & one of a kind! The world needs you to show up as the very best version of you

Did you grow up contorting yourself into experiences and situations that brought you praise and recognition but didn’t exactly jive with the heart beat of your soul?

Have you sacrificed what YOU desire for so many years that you have lost count? Do you even KNOW what you desire any more?

Or are the voices in your head still drowning out the quiet voice that lives within you… that voice that will never leave you, never betray you and will always forgive you?

Here’s the thing… you know in the depths of your heart that living for OTHERS is not at all why you are here.

YOU are here to create a life that you adore, that feels so incredibly good you are EXCITED to wake up in the morning & great the beautiful day. YOU are here to create a massive impact in the world… just by being HERE!

You are beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind!

The world needs you to show up
as the very best version of YOU!


I have to ask…

How would your life look & feel if you took away all of the rules you have created about what you can & cannot do?

How open you are to life feeling different in a
really good way?

Do you believe it’s possible to create the change you desire to experience?

Are you ready to take personal responsibility for your one precious life?!

Are you ready for change
but don’t have a Clue where to start?

Are you sick and tired of waiting for life to feel better…
but know deep down that change begins with YOU?!


One-on-One Love was created specifically for you
so that you can begin to experience the change you seek
and start to FEEL the joy, peace, hope and LOVE that you deserve & desire!


One-on-One LOVE:
3 Month Commitment

  • 60-minute Zoom calls twice a month for three months in a safe and non-judgmental space so we can identify how to bring more JOY into your life

  • Private Facebook Group where you can connect with other women in a welcoming space and feel supported and heard whenever you need it

  • Lifetime access to my courses The Self Love Audit and The Self Love Assessment

  • Weekly email communication that will include tools & resources to empower, enlighten and encourage you on your journey

Perhaps you have a dream that lives in your heart,
but you don’t feel WORTHY enough to live it…

Perhaps you are miserable with your life as it looks and feels in the present moment
but don’t even know where to begin to make the change needed to feel better…

Did you know YOU have the power within you to change all of that??
Without blaming anyone else or asking others to change…

It takes radical personal responsibility to own your “stuff” and DECIDE that you are going to change the way you do things so that you can experience more joy, peace and acceptance of yourself without having to do, be or create anything other that what lights you up inside!

You’ll never regret investing
in your JOY.

You are worthy of so much, Mama!
Let’s get started on creating more freedom and balance in your life.

This is your opportunity to put yourself FIRST!

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