events: Birth circle

Birth Circle is a sacred opportunity to connect with other mamas having their own unique experience… We’ll gather together in a beautiful and private space to learn, grow and support each other. Build your village, share your wisdom and feel comforted by others who have gone before you. Ask any questions and be honest, open and compassionate…

Join a movement of mamas sharing their TRUTH, JOY and WISDOM around becoming a mama!

we’ll go deep on a variety of topics

  • Relationships after birth

  • Defining “self care”

  • Body health/wellness

  • Managing responsibilities at home/work

  • Intimacy after birth

  • Nutrition and meal planning

  • Birth stories

  • Reflections and open discussion

where, when & how

  • *SuNu Wellness
    12455 Ridgedale Dr #203 Hopkins, MN 55305


  • We will meet the second Tuesday of every month from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

  • Light appetizers and drinks will be provided

*SuNu means new beginnings. This means that no matter what you've experienced in the world of health care, at SuNu, you get a chance to start fresh and to share your wellness goals with our talented team of practitioners. We strive to provide an environment that feels safe and welcoming, encouraging our client community to visit often and stay awhile. SuNu's team collaborates to nurture our clients, listen to them and customize every visit to ensure you leave feeling renewed, refreshed and full of hope

join us!

A community of connection & support is priceless.

You’ll gain mama friends for LIFE!

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